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Is The Megadrought Coming To The Southwest?

Lake Mead's water level has dropped 100 feet in the last 15 years.

Climatologists are worried that a "megadrought" is about to hit the region, bringing even drier conditions and making water scarcer.

According to a study by NASA, the drought could cover most of the western United States and the severity of the drought would be worse than anything seen in more than a 1,000 years. It’s believed a similar drought caused the collapse of the Ancestral Pueblo culture.  

The study is based analysis of tree-ring records and climate models. Researchers blames greenhouse gas emissions.

The World Wildlife Fund is launching a new initiative called "In Pursuit of Prosperity" that seeks to explain how combating the megadrought – and working toward other sustainability goals – can help positively impact our region's economy.

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David Reed, senior policy advisor, World Wildlife Fund

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