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Gun-Bill Debates Current Focus Of Nevada Lawmakers

Governor Brian Sandoval wants to make the current legislative session about finding more funding for the state’s education system. But more debate is currently focused gun ownership and the rules surrounding it.

With majorities in both the Senate and Assembly, Republicans are introducing bill after bill to expand gun ownership rights in Nevada. 

One bill would allow anyone who has a concealed weapons permit from another state to carry a concealed weapon in Nevada. That would include states whose concealed weapons permitting process isn’t as stringent as Nevada’s.

Currently, the state has extended those privileges to 14 states that have been deemed to have similar or stricter standards than Nevada’s.

Another bill would treat a person’s vehicle with the same “castle doctrine” as their home. That is, if someone tries to enter a car while the driver is inside, the driver could shoot that person.

The bill includes a provision that prevents anyone with a domestic violence conviction from owning a gun.

Political columnist with the Las Vegas Review-Journal Steve Sebelius told KNPR’s State of Nevada that it is the latest example of how things are going in Carson City.

“Once again we’re seeing a proposal that Democrats may like and support, for instance school construction, wrapped in bills with things that Democrats hate and oppose such as the elimination of the prevailing wage when building school buildings,” Sebelius said.

But as Sebelius pointed out because the Democrats aren’t in control in the Legislature, “They can’t control the agenda or what’s in the bills or when they come to the floor.”   


Steve Sebelius, political columnist, Las Vegas Review-Journal
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Steve Sebelius, political columnist, Las Vegas Review-Journal

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