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Henderson Grills Candidates For City Manager

Henderson is looking for a new city manager.

The six finalists each got a half-hour to sell the city council on their vision for Henderson's future during a meeting Wednesday.

All have local government experience, and four of them -- Scott Adams, Orlando Sanchez, Steve Goble and Robert Murmane -- currently work either for the City of Henderson or for the City of Las Vegas. 

The other two candidates, Steven Sarkozy and Ronald Olson, are from out of state. 

According to Las Vegas Sun reporter Conor Shine, the candidates were culled from a field of 55 applicants gathered in a nationwide search. 

The biggest problem the new city manager could face is the budget issues Henderson is dealing with, Shine said.

"The new city manager is going to have to find some money to keep up with things," he told KNPR's State of Nevada.

The new manager will replace Jacob Snow who left in April.


Conor Shine, Las Vegas Sun

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