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More Rain, Less Flooding A Testament to Flood Control Efforts

Flooding in Winnick Avenue
Regional Flood Control District

Water pours through the parking lot of The Linq near Winnick Avenue. The parking lot is situated on top of the Flamingo Wash.

Monday's downpour in Southern Nevada was equal to or more than the storms Las Vegas fell victim to during the 100-year-flood in 1999, according to the Regional Flood Control District.

And some streets flooded.

But the degree of flooding was nothing like it was on July 8, 1999. That flood led to two deaths, some $25 million in damage and a federal disaster area designation for Las Vegas.

This year, it was a different story because of the ongoing taxpayer-funded efforts to divert and control flood waters.

A 0.25-percent sales tax helps the Clark County Flood Control District issue bonds to build channels, underground diversion tunnels and detention basins. So far, some $1.7 billion has been spent on 596 miles of channels and 91 detention basins.

The work isn't done. Erin Neff, Flood Control District spokeswoman, said another 25 years of work is needed to finish flood control efforts.


Erin Neff, spokeswoman, Clark County Regional Flood Control District

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