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Elko City Council Denies Pride Flag Proposal


Elko city council denied a request to have the LGBTQ rainbow flag flow at city hall.

Last week, the Elko city council unanimously denied a request to fly the rainbow LGBT pride flag at city hall.

The request was brought forward by the president of the Rural America Pride Corporation, a group responsible for putting on Elko's pride parade this year.

Assistant city manager Scott Wilkinson told KNPR's State of Nevada that "the city of Elko doesn't have a policy about flying non-governmental flags at city hall."

He said the petition was made but because there is no policy the city council turned it down.

"The issue at hand was, if you allow the display of non-governmental flags on the flag standard at city hall then you have to allow the display of all non-governmental flags, without regard to context, at the flag standard at city hall," Wilkinson explained.

There was a similar request by a POW/MIA group to display that flag but since there wasn't a policy, the group didn't pursue it.

Wilkinson said there is a place for flags to be put on display outside city hall.

"The flag standard at the city hall is not a public forum," he said. "We have our city park areas where we typically view those as public forums." 

Wilkinson said there are no plans to create a policy for non-governmental flags at city hall. 

Scott Wilkinson, assistant city manager, Elko

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