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Survey Shows Table Game Supervisors Aren't Happy With Job


Table game supervisors give their jobs a low rating.

A recent report suggests that table game supervisors don't like their jobs., a salary database site, compiled data on people's professions and their satisfaction with them.

Table game supervisors were the third most likely workers to say they thought their jobs actually made the world worse.

Aubrey Bach with told KNPR's State of Nevada that the survey doesn't ask specific questions about why table game supervisors feel that way. 

"We think that when people tend to be working around any kind of situation where the customers or the environment of that work is not driving people 'up,' I guess you could say, is when you tend to see this answer a little more," Bach said. 

She said fast food workers and warehouse pickers also list their job as being bad for the world.

The survey found clergy, across all religions, had the highest job meaning, along with English professors and surgeons. 

The site is releasing a new survey that connects both salary and job meaning. Bach said very few jobs actually have both high pay and high job meaning, but surgeon is one of those jobs. 

Jobs with low pay but high job meaning include teachers and social workers.

Aubrey Bach,

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