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Nevada Looks To Recruit Officials For High School Sports

Football field
Daniel X O'Neil/Flickr

High school football in Nevada is suffering a serious shortage of officials.

As the 2015 football season prepares to kick off, high schools across Nevada face a threat to their athletic programs – a lack of officials to work their games.

And the shortage is not just in football. Every high school sport in Nevada is affected.

Jay Beesemyer is the assistant director of the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association.

He said a lot of factors have contributed to the shortfall in officials from the economy to background checks. However, he believes the biggest problem is the lack of young officials.

"We haven't had a real influx of young officials in the last half a dozen years that's probably the biggest reason we're falling short these days," Beesemyer said.

He said the organization isn't really asking why it is happening it is just trying to find the officials it needs for football, volleyball and soccer this fall.

Beesemyer cited surveys of officials that pointed to their treatment by fans, parents, coaches and players as the reason so many referees leave, but he believes that is just part of the job and part of the challenge.

To become an official, people must join an association, r egister with the NIAAand submit to a background check. 

Jay Beesemyer, assistant director, Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association

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