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Beneath Trump's Tower, O'Malley Outlines Case For White House

Martin O'Malley in Las Vegas
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley stood under the gold-sheathed Trump Tower just off the Las Vegas Strip and made his case for why he should be the next president.

Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley was in Las Vegas this week, along with the other candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination.

O'Malley spoke beneath the gleaming Trump International Tower Wednesday – perhaps in a bit of a nod to one of his main challengers on the opposite side of the aisle: Donald Trump. 

Reporter Kyle Roerink covered the event for the Las Vegas Sun. The symbolism was not lost on anyone, Roerink said: "O'Malley, much like every other candidate in this cycle, has been in the shadow of Trump."

But Roerink told KNPR's State of Nevada that the event wasn't just about pointing to the top of the tower and telling people that Trump is a bad candidate.

Roerink said it was really about connecting with unions, which are locked in a battle with Trump International about unionizing the property. 

"I think he was also able to make a pitch to union members here and nationally, and say 'Hey, I'm pro-union. I'm going to fight for you guys,'" Roerink said.

The Nevada AFL-CIO's three-day convention is being held in Las Vegas this week. O'Malley, along with the two other Democratic Party candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, spoke to the labor leaders.

The group hasn't endorsed a candidate yet. 

Roerink also said the event and the venue were designed to increase O'Malley's profile. 

"He's got to get his name recognition up if he really wants to start making a splash," he said. 

Kyle Roerink, reporter, Las Vegas Sun

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