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Nevada Conservatory Theatre Premiers The Musical "Ace"

Courtesy of UNLV
Courtesy of UNLV

Cast of the new musical "Ace" L to R - Tina Walsh, Sam Cordes, Nicole Kaplan, and Joseph DeBenedetto.

In Las Vegas, Richard Oberacker is known as the music director of the orchestra in “Ka” at MGM Grand.

But Oberacker is taking a break from his everyday job on the Strip and heading back to campus for two performance on Saturday and Sunday with his latest project.

Along with his writing partner Robert Taylor, Richard Oberacker is overseeing the musical "Ace" during its short run present by the Nevada Conservatory Theatrethis weekend at UNLV’s Judy Bayley Theater.

Set in 1964, "Ace" follows the journey of a young man returning home to discover the truth about his mother's hidden past.

"After the Nevada Conservatory Theatre produced several benefit concerts of smaller new works so successfully, and after the extraordinary production of 'The Last 5 Years' this past season, I felt like now was the time to push the limits of what they could accomplish in a concert presentation," Oberacker said.


Richard Oberacker, composer and co-lyricist; Christopher Edwards, artistic director, Nevada Conservatory Theatre; Tina Walsh, plays Ruth in "Ace;" and Sam Cordes, third year UNLV MFA student plays Danny Lucas in "Ace."

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