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Lawsuit Another Hurdle For State GOP


A year ago, Nevada Republicans won control of both the Senate and the Assembly for the first time in decades.

The GOP also won every executive office seat, from governor to state treasurer.

But during the legislative session, Republicans fought – amongst themselves.

And some in the GOP are still trying to repeal part of the governor’s tax package meant to add millions to the education system.

Now another shoe has dropped.

This week, Las Vegas Review-Journalist columnist John L. Smith reported on a lawsuit in which state Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald is named. 

McDonald is accused of arranging a loan that he personally benefited from. The former Las Vegas city councilman denied any wrong doing. 

Kyle Roerink, a reporter with the Las Vegas Sun talked to  KNPR's State of Nevada about a new lawsuit  and what it might mean for the party’s future.

"I think we can garner this from the lawsuit, this is definitely going to be a political hit job on him," Roerink said. "He has put himself out there in some circles as that lightning-rod figure."

Roerink said he doubts very many people actually know who McDonald is and it's unlikely that it will impact the 2016 election. 

However, McDonald did promise when he was first elected to the chairman position three years ago that he would work to unify the party. But, Roerink said that is not the case.

"You haven't seen much unification," he said. 

Roerink believes it is too early to say whether McDonald will lose his chairmanship because of the lawsuit. 


Kyle Roerink, reporter, Las Vegas Sun

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