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Hillary Clinton On Internet Gambling, Federal Land And Legalized Pot

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Hillary Clinton campaigns in Las Vegas. The superPAC backing her candidacy is spending there to help her win the state's Democratic caucuses on Saturday.

Hillary Clinton has a real fight on her hands for Nevada.

Months ago, the former New York senator and Secretary of State was seen as a sure victor in Nevada’s Democratic caucus.

Now, some polls see the race as a toss-up between her and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

She joined KNPR’s State of Nevada to talk about the race and touched on legalization of Internet gaming, land rights and her shrinking lead with women.

Clinton also touched on the legalization of marijuana, which is coming


Are you in favor of turning more public land over to the states?

In general, I favor better collaboration between the federal government, state and local governments but I think it would be a mistake and I think it would be very costly for most states and municipalities and counties to assume all the responsibilities for federal lands that the federal government pays for. 

What is your stance on Internet gaming?

I have concerns about Internet gaming. I think those concerns are being aired and looked at by a number of states as well as the federal government. I think we have to be sure that if we're doing Internet gaming there is some level of regulation and accountability as there is with real world, on the ground gaming here in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

What is your stance on SuperPACs?

I think this is the way the law is set up. I'm not a fan of the law. Both of us [Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-VT] have these SuperPACs that are supporting us. What we need is to get the campaign finance reform and we can't do that without reversing Citizens United. And Citizens United is one of the worst decisions made by the Supreme Court. I will appoint Supreme Court justices who will over turn it. If that is not going to happen, then I will lead an effort to pass a constitutional amendment to over turn it. So, yes, I want to get dark, unaccountable secret money out of politics. 


Do you support legalization of marijuana?

I support states making this decision so that we can have some good on- the-ground experience as to what works and quite frankly, what doesn't work. Four states have already taken the steps to legalize. Many others have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. We call the states the laboratories of democracy. And on this issue it's a very important role for the states to play. I know there is a ballot initiative here in Nevada and I'll watch that very closely. And as president, I will try to make sure that we learn the lessons we do everything that we can to follow up on what the states have learned. And we certainly do more research into marijuana for medical uses. That is why I want to move it from a Schedule One to a Schedule Two immediately. 

Do you think the opposition against you is because of your gender?

I don't think there is any doubt about that. 

I know that as hard as it is running for president I probably have some extra hurdles being a woman. But we'll just keep moving forward. I want every young girl in this country to believe that there are no limits on her dreams, just like I want that for young boys. So, I'm going to keep talking about the solutions that I'm offering to get higher wages and more high- paying jobs to break through barriers of bigotry to deal with the continue overhang of the Great Recession right here in Nevada where so many people lost their jobs and so many people lost their homes. And we've got a lot of work to do and I think I'm the best prepared and ready to do that work. 

Do you know why your lead with women is shrinking?

I think anytime you have a great contest in an election people's opinions they go up they go down. I'm proud for everybody across this country that supports me all over this country. I'm going to work hard to win every single vote. 

From NPR: With Democratic Primary Fight Closer, Pro-Clinton SuperPAC Amps It Up

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