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One Last Look At Hillary's Nevada Win

Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Naomi Barnes (left) shows her support for democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the Nevada caucus in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nevada’s Republican caucus is Tuesday night.

Click Here for information on the Republican Caucus

But before we go there, let’s take one last look at Saturday’s Democratic caucus. Hillary Clinton won by a sizeable four-point margin over Bernie Sanders.

Some 80,000 people showed up, many of them spending up to four hours at some of the numerous caucus sites around the state.

Fred on the caucus system: There as a lot of curiosity on line [about the caucus system]. I didn't here anybody complaining about the system.

What surprised me was how quickly the caucuses were over like an hour, hour and a half.

This is the first state I've lived in with a caucus system. I thought it would be hours of discussion in small groups not so much yelling. The whole system surprises me. 

Carrie on the Republican Caucus: I'm not expecting the same long lines. I think that it a lot lower turnout. I could be very close though. 


I just don't think the Republicans are as energized or motivated to come out on Tuesday as the Democrats were. I don't think they were as motivated as they were in South Carolina. 

I think they were focusing on South Carolina and Nevada really isn't that important to them. 


Carrie Kaufman, co-host/producer, KNPR's State of Nevada; Fred Wasser, KNPR's State of Nevada producer

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Since June 2015, Fred has been a producer at KNPR's State of Nevada.
(EDITOR'S NOTE: Carrie Kaufman no longer works for KNPR News. She left in April 2018)