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The Worst Movies And Why John Wilson Started The Razzies

Sandra Bullock accepting her Razzie for her film "All About Steve" in 2010. The next night she won an Oscar for her role in the "The Blind Side."
By Sandra_Bullock_at_2010_Razzies.jpg: Shari B. Ellis derivative work: Tabercil (Sandra_Bullock_at_2010_Razzies.jpg) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Sandra Bullock accepting her Razzie for her film "All About Steve" in 2010. The next night she won an Oscar for her role in the "The Blind Side."

It was 1981, the year of "Mommie Dearest" and "Wolfen."

And John Wilson had just about had it. He couldn't take another bad movie.

So to get back at those who create such dreck, he set up a cardboard box dais at his Oscar party, and started the very first Golden Raspberry Awards program.

It became known as The Razzies, for short. 

Saturday, the Las Vegas resident will take the to the stage again in Los Angeles to celebrate the crème de la crème of questionable, dubious or just plain bad films of 2015.

Wilson talked to "KNPR's State of Nevada" about some of the worst of the worst over these last 35 years -- and wonders if he'll ever get invited to be a member of the Academy.


  1. Wilson created the Razzies after seeing a double feature of “Xanadu” and “Can’t Stop the Music” and the theater owner wouldn’t give him his money back.
  2. The Razzies are really asking ‘what are you doing?’ to very good filmmakers.
  3. They have a voting membership of close to 1,000 people from around the world, many are in the industry.
  4. It costs $40 for an annual membership.
  5. Usually 50 to 100 films up for discussion by their membership for various elements.
  6. Judging criteria includes how much it cost to make the film versus how much it made. If it lost a lot of money, it might be a Razzie.
  7. Criteria also includes ratings. If it’s getting really low ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, it could be a Razzie.
  8. Pedigree is another factor. If you’ve been in a series of bad movies, you might be up for another Razzie nomination – Adam Sandler we’re looking at you: “Adam Sandler just keeps doing the same poopoo jokes,” Wilson said.
  9. Wilson is a graduate of the UCLA Motion Picture, Television Department
  10. Wilson dealt with Barbara Streisand for the premiere of “A Star is Born”. “Not fun!”
  11. Laurence Olivier won a Razzie for “Inchon.” Meryl Streep has never been nominated for a Razzie.
  12. Last year, they created the Razzie Redeemer award for people who have come back and done something great after getting a Razzie. Sylvester Stallone is expected to walk away with it this year for his performance in “Creed.”  
  13. Only one movie has won all 10 awards. Adam Sandler’s 2011 “Jack and Jill.” “If I wasn’t the head of the Razzies I would so be out of here, but I gotta stay,” Wilson said of watching the movie in the theater.
  14. Wilson recommends watching “Showgirls” with the sound off and the closed captioning on just so you can actually see that they’re saying those words.
  15. Wilson believes showing up to the Razzies is a real test of a person’s fortitude and sense of humor. 

    Warning: This video contains graphic language. 

  16. They had to physically remove Tom Green from the stage when he won for “Freddie Got Fingered” in 2001.
  17. Wilson gave “Razzie” tickets to an Academy official once. “You would have thought I pooped on her shoes.”

Wilson breaks down this year's nominees for Worst Picture:

“Fantastic Four” – Wilson: "Why are you remaking it? Everything seemed to go wrong with this movie. Word was out before it opened that it was bad."

“Fifty Shades of Grey” – Wilson: "I don’t get how you can take a book that is supposed to be incredibly erotic and exciting and edgy, and make it as exciting as cleaning the kitchen table on Sunday night. That movie was soooo boring!"

“Jupiter Ascending” – Wilson: "The one really great thing about that movie and he is nominated for an Academy Award again this year and he won last year – Eddie Redmayne plays this psycho king of outer space character."

“Pixels” –  Wilson: "Adam Sandler. Short answer."

“Paul Blart, Mall Cop 2” – Wilson: "Why are you making another, unless it’s just to make money, which is not a good reason to do something creative? I don’t know why you’re making 2 when 1 wasn’t all that terrific, to be honest."

John Wilson, founder of The Golden Raspberry Awards (The Razzies)

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