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UNR Getting More Reports of Sexual Assault

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University of Nevada Reno campus. The campus has seen an uptick in reports of rape and sexual assault.

The reports of rape and sexual harassment cases went up at University of Nevada Reno last year.

One hundred and twenty people reported some sort of sexual harassment, discrimination, assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking; and 16 of those reported being raped.

Those numbers are up from six reported rapes in 2014 and one in 2013.

But Denise Cordova, UNR’s Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Programs, isn’t worried about the numbers going up.

In fact, she’s heartened by them. She says that the uptick is the result of a campaign to reach out to the university community and encourage them to report issues. Some students, staff and faculty didn't even know her office existed until last year.

She's changing the culture of her university. And she feels it will change even more.

Denise Cordova, UNR’s Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Programs

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