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Semicolon; The Adventures of Ostomy Girl

Semicolon; The Adventures of Ostomy Girl

The young woman Dana, who has Crohn’s Disease, is featured in the film Semicolon; The Adventures of Ostomy Girl.

The Nevada Women’s Film Festival kicks off Friday in Las Vegas – and runs through Sunday. Activities include: films from around the globe, a young filmmaker’s workshop, and a panel about the artistry of costume design.

The festival is also honoring the Nevada Filmmaker of the Year, Robin Greenspun, whose latest film is a documentary, “ Semicolon; The Adventures of Ostomy Girl.”

The film tells the story of a young Las Vegas woman – Dana – who has Crohn’s Disease, an inflammation of the intestines that leads to many complications. And it’s a chronic condition.

Greenspun was the festival president for CineVegas, a long-time film festival. She said film festivals like that one and the one she is part of this weekend provide a chance to see talent and stories that are often over looked.

"There are so many amazing films out there," she said, "Unfortunately, there are too few places to see them, too few commercial success." 


Robin Greenspun, director of the documentary film, "Semicolon; The Adventures of Ostomy Girl"



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