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Nevada's Mixed Retirement Rating


It’s seems Nevada isn’t near the bottom of every best-of list. squarely lists Nevada in the middle of the pack on its latest list of the best states for retirement.

So, what makes Nevada an attractive place for some retirees?  And, what problems do we need to fix before Nevada ranks higher than 27th?

Claes Bell, senior analyst with, said there are a lot of factors that go into how well retirees will do in a state.

“While features like pleasant weather and nearby amenities are important, nuts-and-bolts considerations like cost of living and the local tax burden may have a bigger impact on your overall quality of life,” Bell said. “Many retirees live on a fixed income, and it’s hard to have a pleasant retirement if you’re constantly under financial pressure.”

Nevada is the 27 th-best state for retirement, according to the report. Bell cited Nevada’s weather and low taxes as positives, while a high crime rate and low healthcare quality are drawbacks.

Wyoming topped the list of the best states for retirement. The Top 5 included South Dakota, Colorado, Utah and Virginia. listed New York as the worst state for retirement, citing the nation’s highest tax burden and a very high overall cost of living.


Claes Bell, senior analyst,

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