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NV Company Has Phone No One Can Spy On


A company based in Nevada says it has a phone that has unbreakable security.

The FBI believes it may have found a way to get into a locked iPhone without the help of the phone's maker Apple.

The agency and Apple have been locked in a legal battle about cracking the iPhone for weeks. The FBI, wanting more evidence about the San Bernardino mass killers from last December, sought legal authority to force Apple to decipher the killers’ iPhone.

Apple has said doing that would allow law enforcement to unlock all iPhones.

The FBI has asked for a delay in the case until it knows whether the method it plans on using works. 

It’s a potentially groundbreaking case with a huge impact on privacy.

But a company headquartered in Nevada has a phone, called the Cryptophone, that it says enhances a user’s privacy.

Buzz Bruner is director of strategy for ESD America, which markets the phone in the United States.

“The cryptophone is an end-to-end encryption device,” Bruner explained, “It is a custom device. A custom Android phone.”

Bruner said communication between two cryptophones is truly secure. When the user calls a non-cryptophone, the phone can detect if that call is being intercepted. 

He said the company's phone is primarily used by government officials, heads of state and corporate executives, who not only want to make sure their information is secure, but that their location is also secret.

And though it could be used by criminals, too, his company will shut a phone down if it learns the phone is being used for criminal activity. 

Buzz Bruner, director of strategy, ESD America

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