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Seeking The Soul Of Nevada In An RV

Christopher Smith

A quiet Easter Sunday in Ely.

Ever thought about what it might be like to live in the in-between? You know: between here and Reno, in those tiny towns, or desert homes and trailers you see here and there.

Do people live there because they’re stuck, too little money to move?

Or do they really like it?

Heidi Kyser, Andrew Kiraly and Chris Smith are finding out.

They are with Nevada Public Radio’s magazine, Desert Companion. And for a week, the three are driving an RV through the hinterlands to find the soul of Nevada, to find what makes Nevada tick beyond Las Vegas.

They’re calling it the Great Big Nevada Road Trip.

More than 600 miles into the trip, they’ve found alien jerky, great concern over education in the country, and opposing views on the federal government’s involvement in states' rights.

You can read more about their trip in the May issue of Desert Companion magazine. They are also posting stories and photos on their blog:

Andrew Kiraly, editor, Desert Companion;  Heidi Kyser, staff writer, Desert Companion

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