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gas_n_go032416 - Las Vegas Film Short On The Way to Cannes

Jena Salazar

The film "gas_n_go032416" by Las Vegas filmmaker Aaron Salazar will be available for screening at the Cannes Film Festival's "Short Film Corner."

The movie right has a quirky title: 


It’s a short film. Only 11 minutes long. For the entire time, the screen is filled with nine images  from surveillance cameras at convenience store in Nebraska.

A 22-year-old Las Vegas student, Aaron Salazar, made the film.

"It is about a convenience story robbery from the perspective of eight security cameras," he explained. "I wanted to tell a story in which the full frame of the screen of what we're seeing is being used. I wanted the audience to have to move their eyes across the image to use all of it."

Besides the rare camera style, Salazar also shot the film in one take. All of the action plays out in real time without edits. 

"gas_n_go032416"  has been accepted by the Cannes Film Festival's "Short Film Corner," which showcases the work of new filmmakers.

"It brings 2,000 filmmakers from around the world to come together at a sort of convention to find and get production for a future film," Salazar said.

Salazar said his film was chosen out of about 38,000 submissions from around the world. 

And about that title, Salazar chose it because he wanted it took look like a piece of evidence, which is what the computer file name for a security camera recording would be. 

(Left to right)

Virginia Gormley, Tyler Meyer, Aaron Salazar, Michelle Bennett, Todd Bennett

Photo by: Madeline Christensen 

Aaron Salazar, Filmmaker

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