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Intrigue On The Nightlife Scene

By Ville Hyvönen - Flickr: Aphex Twin ilosaarirock 2011, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Intrigue, the new nightclub at the Wynn, promises a different approach to Las Vegas nightlife, one defined, in part, by what the club doesn’t have: Celebrity DJ’s.

Intrigue plans instead to rely on an aura of mystery — no artists will be announced in advance — and a more social environment to attract free-spending Millennials.

“People aren’t coming out here to see these superstar DJs anymore, they’re more concerned with low-key, loungey, good vibe feeling places where they don’t have to be gouged to see a DJ,” said Shane Hamilton, who was a VIP club host before starting independent concierge company Vegas Republik.

Hamilton said Intrigue’s strategy is a response to overexposure that has made appearances of the DJs less of a special event and more of an overpriced, commonplace experience.

Besides the overexposure of DJs, Hamilton believes there just too many places to party in Las Vegas.

"There are way too many clubs," he said, "Back a while ago, there were plenty of people to go around when there was five to seven clubs, now there's close to 30 clubs in Las Vegas." 

He also said that VIP areas are empty at a lot of clubs because people aren't willing to pay $3000 or more for a table and bottle service they would rather spent a lot less downtown. 

His observation was echoed by another industry observer.

“There’s a fear from some millennials that they're not getting a good deal," said David Klemt, the Las Vegas-based online content editor for Nightclub & Bar Media Group, which covers the nightlife industry.

Klemt said in the past club goers knew they would have to spend a lot of money for bottle service and it was actually cool to do it.

"It's not cool anymore," he said "They don't want to spend that much money and that's a problem for some of these properties."


David Klemt, online content editor for Nightclub & Bar Media Group; Shane Hamilton, founder of Vegas Republik, an independent concierge company.

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