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More Taxes For More Cops: What Does Metro Say?


A stadium committee wants a sales tax increase for more cops on the Strip. But Metro already has a $100 million surplus for more police. Does it need more?

And the police deparatment just paid out a big settlement in a case that led one top-cop to quit the department four years ago because then-Sheriff Doug Gillespie wouldn't fire the cop. Have things changed since then?

Meanwhile, City Councilman Ricki Barlow is being investigated by the FBI. Yet he sits on Metro's Fiscal Affairs Committee, which oversees Metro's spending. Barlow hasn't been charged with anything, but should he step aside from that body until the investigation is over?

To help sort out that and more, Undersheriff Kevin McMahill, second-in-command of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, joined KNPR's State of Nevada.

Kevin McMahill, undersheriff, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

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