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John L Smith: It's All Just Politicking And Last-Minute Deals


Long-time Las Vegas journalist John L. Smith joins KNPR to discuss Donald Trump's rally in Henderson, the special session and more. 

On the rally: 

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump drew a large and enthusiastic crowd to Henderson last week for a rally.

Not long afterward, a video of Trump saying his celebrity status gave him the power to sexually assault women surfaced in the press.

It’s all more than a little head spinning, but that’s Election 2016.

Smith worked the crowd at the Trump rally, and came away with a few impressions that he believes are telling and spell real trouble for the GOP candidate.

Backlash over the weekend -- a GOP rally in Mesquite was the scene of multiple defections from Trump: Joe Heck and Cresent Hardy.

On the special session:

Last-minute politicking. Not quite yet a done deal, but that’s the way I’d probably place my bet.

The detractors seem almost quaint. Nevadans for the Common Good, Nevada Taxpayer Association. Finally -- some Democratic Party politicians with something at stake. Where are Nevada’s supposedly staunch conservatives?

Aaron Pryor, The Hawk, a real warrior in the ring and a star in Las Vegas in the early 1980s, died recently at age 60. His rematch with Alexis Arguello in September 1983 in Las Vegas wasn’t quite as exciting as their first fight in Miami, but then that one -- which ended in a 14-round knockout by Pryor -- is considered by experts as one of the greatest boxing matches of all time.

He struggled with drug addiction and, as with so many fighters, trainer and management problems. He finished his career 39-1.


Reach John L. Smith via email at and on Twitter @jlnevadasmith

John L. Smith, longtime Nevada journalist and columnist 

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