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Reno In Transition, Part Two: The Rise Of The Midtown District

Photo by Kaitlin Godbey/TravelNevada (2016)/Flickr

Art outside the Culture Boutique in the Midtown District in Reno.

"The Biggest Little City in the World" has long been Reno's motto. 

Like many cities in Nevada, it made its mark on the world with gambling and easy divorce, but those days are fading away. 

Now, the city is becoming known for much more. 

Jessica Schneider understands Reno’s evolution and transition. She's the owner of the Junkee Clothing Exchange along with a couple of other businesses. 

Schneider has a reputation as something of a pioneer and advocate for the midtown neighborhood of Reno

Jessica Schneider, businesses owner, Midtown District, Reno


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