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"Latinos Who Lunch" Takes To Los Angeles For RuPaul's DragCon


Emmanuel Ortega and Justin Favela, co-hosts of the podcast, "Latinos Who Lunch," are heading to Los Angeles for RuPaul's DragCon. They're leading a panel titled, "The Art of Resistance." 

“We’re going to have several guests and each one of them use their platform to speak about different issues especially given our present political climate. Some of them are youtubers, some of them are in podcast, some of them use the performance of being drag to go against what’s happening today,” Ortega said.

Also, Ortega is also working on his Ph.D. dissertation,  “Novohispanic Franciscan Martyr Portraits of New Mexico: The Politics of a Hagiographical Misery." 

“I study painting in the 18 th Century in Mexico specifically. I’m looking at the mission system in the southwest of the United States and the struggles between the Native Americans and the Franciscans. I’m trying to highlight how Native American resistance is nothing new. It has been a thing for 500 years. And if it wasn’t for that, I think the Spanish would have gone all the way to Alaska.” he said.

Emmanuel Ortega, co-host of the podcast, "Latinos Who Lunch"; Justin Favela, co-host of the podcast, "Latinos Who Lunch"

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