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How Diverse Is The Gaming Industry?

Associated Press

How diverse are our gaming institutions?

Women of Diversity Productions set out to answer that, with a survey of gender policies at resorts.

The group is holding a forum to discuss their findings Monday, Oct. 16 at 10:30 a.m. at the Las Vegas Country Club, with a keynote address by County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani.

Marlene Adrian is the president of Women in Diversity. She said they sent out surveys to several resort companies. They got back five completed surveys but researched another 16 to get a complete picture.

They looked at four categories: the number of men and women in leadership and management positions, the compensation for men and women, the non-discrimination policies and the internal policies such as benefits, child care, family leave and maternity leave.

The companies were then ranked with a number out of 100, Denise Duarte, a board member of Women in Diversity said.

She said no company scored above a 62 out of 100 and the average was about 43 out of 100. 

"Non-discrimination policies was probably where the highest rate was, but that would be expected because most of those non-discrimination policies are mandated by law," Duarte said.  

She said one of the biggest issues was just finding the data, especially in connection with how much people were compensated. 

"This information is either not being tracked or not being shared," she said.

Adrian said her group focused on gaming companies because of the nature of what they do.

"We need transparency and we thought there would be more transparency in the gaming and casino industry because they are hospitality corporations," she said, "They need to share. They need to bring all their clients in and make all their clients happy." 

Duarte agreed and said hospitality is where there should be the most diverse workforce.

"Of all industries, they should be reflective of the people they're serving," she said.

The full report will be released Monday and be online Tuesday.

Marlene Adrian, president, Women in Diversity; Denise Duarte, board member, Women in Diversity 

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