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"The Hillywood Show" -- Still In Las Vegas And Still Going Strong


The Hindi sisters from the popular "The Hillywood Show" on YouTube.

In 2010,  we talked with a pair of young women in Las Vegas looking to make their names online with highly-polished parody videos of pop culture phenomena like the  Twilight Sagaand  Harry Potter movies. 

In 2018, sisters Hillary and Hannah Hindi of  The Hillywood Show are still in Las Vegas and still going strong - they have more than a million  YouTube subscribers and hundreds of millions of views to prove it.

“We do everything that you see. A lot of times when people see our productions they think we have a team of 50 people but there’s just me and Hannah running it all and we have about six to seven volunteers that help us on set," Hillary told KNPR's State of Nevada.

It takes the two of them months to put together parodies because they basically do everything themselves from writing the parody songs to getting the costumes together and booking the on-screen talent.

Hillary and Hannah said they had to learn on their own to create the videos including how to use the cameras and editing equipment because they couldn't go to film school.

They're not just putting the videos together almost entirely by themselves -- they're also raising the money to make the videos by themselves. They don't have a sponsor like many YouTube channels. Instead, they rely on fan donations to pay for everything.

The sisters said the ultimate goal is to have the project picked up by a major network or streaming service so they can pay the people who work with them, increase the production value on the shows and do more creative work.

But for now, they're seeing their videos get more exposure through expanding social media platforms and touring the world through fan conventions.


Hannah and Hillary Hindi, creators/writers/producers of "The Hillywood Show" on YouTube

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