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Will Trump Budget Lead To HIV/AIDS Increase In Nevada?


Many people watched President Donald Trump’s State of the Union addressTuesday with hope for change, for an end to the country’s divisiveness.

Some also watched hoping to hear how the president will address HIV and AIDS, which has killed countless people over several decades and currently infects just under 10,000 people in Nevada.

Their fear stems from a Trump budget proposal late last year that included large funding cuts for HIV and AIDS prevention. AFAN, which stands for Aid For AIDS of Nevada, said the proposed cuts would have devastated what is a fairly successful campaign against the disease.

That proposal did not make it through Congress.

But the president fired the entire HIV/AIDS advisory council in December. Was that a sign of things to come in this year's budget?




Antioco Carrillo, executive director, AFAN; Scott Schoettes, former members, AIDS/HIV Advisory Council

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