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Shuttered Strip Casinos A Rare Sight For Tourists and Locals

Brent Holmes/Desert Companion

For the first time since President Kennedy was assassinated more than 50 years ago, the Las Vegas Strip is closed. 

Gone are the thousands of tourists with yard-long margaritas hoping to hit a jackpot. No more watching the Bellagio fountains or gondola rides at The Venetian.

Costumed buskers dressed as Vegas showgirls, Superman or Darth Vader have left. 

Casinos are boarded up, chained and padlocked. 

It’s a sight rarely seen. So people are taking advantage, using it as a bike path or hiking trail in the less-polluted air of Las Vegas.

KNPR producer Chris Sieroty and Desert Companion photographer Brent Holmes talked to some of those curious people on a recent trip into this new no-man’s land.



Brent Holmes/Desert Companion

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(Editor's note: Chris Sieroty no longer works for Nevada Public Radio)