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Medical Marijuana Bill Passes First Test In Utah Senate

A panel of Utah lawmakers has given initial approval to a medical marijuana proposal that would allow residents of the conservative state who have chronic and debilitating diseases to use certain edible products containing THC, the chemical responsible for most of the drug’s psychological effects.

After a nearly two-hour debate, a Senate committee voted 3-2 Thursday to approve the bill and send it to the full Senate for a vote.

The two Republican lawmakers voting against it said they wanted more time to review the issue. They sought to hold off this year so lawmakers could dive into the topic this summer.

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One of the two, Woods Cross Republican Sen. Todd Weiler said he recently traveled to Nevada, where a medical marijuana law has passed. In Las Vegas, Weiler said he saw a billboard with a giant pot leaf on it.

“It said, ‘Call Dr. Weed’ and a phone number. Is that what we’re bringing to Utah?”

Saratoga Springs Republican Sen. Mark Madsen, who sponsored the bill, said if the state can push past years of propaganda and misunderstanding surrounding the drug, it would bring compassion and freedom to those who are suffering.

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