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Scaling Solar In Southern Nevada


Tesla is going to power its Gigafactory with renewable energy. And Apple is also building a solar farm to provide energy to its data center in Northern Nevada. So the two largest economic development projects in Nevada have major renewable energy components. 

While things look bright on the corporate side, they is more turmoil on the residential side. NV Energy has proposed changes that could change the way users with solar panels are billed. It would add a charge to these customers to offset the loss of revenue.

And at the same time, the utility is moving forward with eight projects to build or buy power from large scale solar farms. So what is the state of renewable energy in our state? And what can be done to increase the spread of solar power?

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Stacey Kusters, vice president, renewable energy and origination, NV Energy

Dan Chia, director, policy and electricity markets, SolarCity

Michael Feder, customer, SolarCity

Andy Satchwell, electricity markets and policy group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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