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Joe Heck Affirms Pro-Life Stance, Says Gay Marriage Is Now In The Court's Hands

Following days of legal tumult over gay marriage, Congressman Joe Heck, who believes marriage is between a man and a woman, said today he'll abide by whatever the courts decide.

In a discussion on KNPR's State of Nevada, the two-term congressman also reaffirmed his pro-life stance, saying he would support funding for Planned Parenthood if the organization stopped providing abortion services.

Heck is seeking a third term representing the evenly divided 3rd Congressional District. He faces Democrat Erin Bilbray in the November election.

Talking about the Ebola scare in Dallas, Heck also said he supports the idea of more funding to bolster public health infrastructure. Public health funding is a perennial issue in southern Nevada, where University Medical Center, the state's only public hospital, loses tens of millions of dollars every year. Recently, the hospital closed several clinics to help bring expenses more in line with costs.
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