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CCSD Schools Bursting At The Seams

Over-crowded classrooms in Nevada is no longer an elephant in the room -- it's a bear of an issue staring just about everyone right in the face.

The Clark County School District (CCSD) enrolled 10,000 more students this year than just two years ago.

To deal with the all those extra students – that total is now about 318,000 pupils – the district uses 1,800 portable classrooms, some of them more than 30 years old. It also has year-round schools.

CCSD tries to get students to take online classes, and scrambles to find teachers. Washoe County School District also has some overcrowding this year, though far less than Clark County. Despite the problem, Nevada voters two years ago said no to raising property taxes for education.

This year, voters will consider a margins tax question that could raise funds for education. But is raising money the only way to ease the burden on schools?


Emily Richmond, public editor, Education Writers Association

Darryl Wyatt, principal, Woolley Elementary

Aaron Ford, Nevada State Senator

Victor Joecks, Executive vice president, Nevada Policy Research Institute
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