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The Push Is On For Hockey In Las Vegas

Hockey stick and puck
Las Vegas is hoping to bring an National Hockey League franchise to the city.

National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman spent most of Tuesday touring an arena under construction on the Las Vegas Strip.

He even posed for pictures with showgirls, and with billionaire Bill Foley – the man who wants to bring the first professional sports team to Las Vegas.

But the commissioner made it clear the NHL has barely given the issue of expansion a second thought.

Despite that cold reality, Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Alan Snel said it is a big deal to have Bettman come to Las Vegas and endorse the deal. 

"I think behind closed doors there is a lot of intrigue with the Las Vegas market," Snel said.

He said a lot of professional teams are eyeing the valley because of the tantalizing number of people and sports betting seems to no longer be a problem for most leagues.

As for the NHL in Las Vegas, Snel said it is really up to the people who will pay.

"It's up to the market to decide," Snel said.  


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Alan Snel, sports business reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal

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